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October 27 News

27 October 2022

Kia ora Aidanfield whānau

God is good and, as I have come back from the term holiday I am reminded of what a stunning country we live in. Our God has placed us in this place no matter where we are from or how long we have been here.  He created this place and we see expressions of His creativity when we look around us.  Our country is beautiful and our people are special.

As part of my wondering this spring, one of the thoughts I pondered was how short a time blossom lasts.  I have trees at home and also at school that are radiant in blossom but for such a short period of time each year.  If I do not pay attention to them when they are flowering I miss it and the rest of the year I look at the trees potential to blossom, not the blossom itself.  This is especially true of the flowering cherry trees on our schools front lawn.  And I was reminded that we are called to live in this moment.  Not the future because it hasn’t arrived yet.  Not the past because it is gone.  But this moment.  To see this moment, to appreciate this moment, to know God in this moment – no matter what is going on for us in this moment.  This is the moment we are called to live in.  Become distracted and we miss the beauty of this moment.

I am not suggesting we forget the past, it is so important in terms of shaping who we are now.  I do not suggest to not plan well for the future – that is wisdom.  I am saying, as we honour the past and plan for the future – live in this moment.  Don’t miss it.  And, as you grow with your children, enjoy this moment with them.  Do not put off until tomorrow what needs to happen today.  Do not neglect to say what is good for today, to express your love, commitment and pride in your children today.  See the beauty in this moment for here is the blessing!

New Administration Space

Exciting news.  We have a ‘this moment’!  In the coming week we will finally be moving into our new administration building.  We were supposed to be in this space in 2021 but the Gib board supply and other building supply issues held the project up significantly.  That said, this week we finally move in.

You will have seen our new front entrance to the school right on the main carpark.  This entry leads into the main office with the new front desk very obvious.  Gone are the days where new people wondered where the school office is hidden!  We have a new first aid room, an interview room, a new administration space with so much more storage and room for our wonderful team to work than ever before.  We have a lot more waiting space.  Mrs Lawn, our Deputy Principal will move into a new office connected to the new entrance way and the Principal’s office now has enough room to have more than three people in it comfortably!  The new staffroom is on the other end of the Ti Kouka building.

We remain constantly grateful to our proprietors for their support of the school and the way they systematically plan and develop our buildings responding to the needs of our growing school.  The attendance dues that each family pays are the funds that mean we can develop the buildings over time – so thank you to you for your ongoing faithfulness in paying these fees.

We look forward to welcoming you to walk through the new space later in the year once we have set ourselves up there.

Next Building Steps

From Monday 31 October the builders move into the old administration building to start converting this into a learning support space, pastoral/counselling offices and we are moving the library into the old staff room as well. We need to do this to free up another classroom in Akiraho as we increase the size of our middle school by another class.

On December 15 the builders move into Matai 2 and 3 to remove the walls and bag bay, put in glass sliding doors to connect the two classrooms more seamlessly and to redesign the bag bay area.  This will make the learning space so much better for our juniors.

Early next year we expect builders to begin the construction of two new classrooms onto the back of Horoeka.  I am hoping to have these available for the start of 2024. We are also planning to seal the drive from the preschool to the gate on the school side and hopefully resurface the basketball court and cage area in the coming months.  This will make significant difference for so many of our community.

Exciting times!

Office Not Available Thursday and Friday in Week 2

Please be aware that the office will be essentially closed on Thursday October 27 and Friday 28 to allow us to make the move – no small job!  We will be asking some of our pupils who are not involved in production practice on Thursday to help us move.  This will be a very interrupted day anyway and so there will be minimal learning lost.


Have you purchased your tickets yet?  Our production this year involves almost all of our pupils and it is going to be really good.  Please support us by purchasing tickets and coming along.  We have kept the cost as low as possible and will still likely run at a loss so as to support all our families to be able to come.  We are grateful to Hillview Christian School for allowing us the use of their hall – they have been incredibly generous.  I look forward to seeing you all there on production nights.  Tickets are now available at

Staffing for 2023

As usual for this time we are putting the finishing touches on who is teaching where in 2023 and as usual there will be some changes.  As well as our amazing staff we already have I would like to welcome:

Mrs Issie Campbell into the year 3 and 4 team.  Mrs Campbell will pick up the responsibility of pastoral oversight for years 3 to 6 from 2024.

Miss Hannah McKinnon into the junior team for 2023.

As we welcome we also say farewell to Mrs Jen Denham, Mrs Jo Grosvenor and Mr Alex Zorn who conclude their time at ACS at the end of this term.

We continue to look for a new caretaker/groundsman and a new Year 7/8 team leader.  Please pray the right person comes along for each of these positions. Mrs Colleen Hoskin is moving into the year 5/6 team in 2023 and Mr Tay is moving into the Year 7/8 team in 2023.

Library Assistant – Part Time Work Opportunity

If you are interested in a 5 hours a week job working as an assistant to the teacher in charge of library then please send an expression of interest letter to me by November 3.  This role works to keep the catalogue up to date, process new books and keep the library running smoothly.  No experience is necessary for this role but a police check is mandatory and the ability to work collaboratively with teachers and pupils is essential.  The days of the week are flexible. Email me on

End of Year Arrangements

Information has been sent regarding the end of year dates and times.  Please note, the prizegiving is compulsory for all pupils and contrary to the Facebook discussion, the last Wednesday is not an optional school day.  The school is open and technically all pupils should be at school for that last morning through to 12.30pm when we close for the year.


I encourage you to pause and really appreciate this moment for this is the moment God has given you to be in.  Share your love for your children with them today, enjoy the presence of our Lord with you this moment for He is faithful and never leaves us or forsakes us.  Dwell in this moment well.

Grace and peace.


Mark Richardson