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Latest News 14 September 2022 inc BOT voting results

Kia ora, Aidanfield whanau

Please find three important pieces of information on; a one off public holiday, Board election outcomes and mask requirements changing:

September 26 – ACS is closed for the recently announced public holiday

You will be aware the Government has declared Monday, 26 September as a public holiday to honour the life and service of Queen Elizabeth II.  She was a remarkable leader, servant and woman of Christian faith.  Very few leaders in history can match the length of service or the humility and dedication she demonstrated through 70 years of public life.  As an integrated state school, Aidanfield will be closed on this day.

ACS Board Election Results

Thank you to all those who voted in our Board elections.  The results of the voting is attached.  I would like to thank all the candidates who put their names forward to serve on the Board.  The new Board takes effect on Wednesday 14 September with their first meeting at the end of October.

I would like to acknowledge Mr Andrew Henderson who has served on the ACS Board for 9 years with a number of those years as the Chair.  Mr Simon-Pierre Mbonyinshuti (six years on the Board) and Mr Lyndon McIntosh (three years on the Board) are also not returning this next term.  Thank you for your commitment, your insight and wisdom, and the expertise you each brought to the table.

The ACS Board runs elections every 18 months even though a parent representative’s term is three years.  This means that at every election at least two Board representatives will remain on the Board and ensure we never have a totally new Board at one time.  We ensure continuity and stability through this process.  This is important as it can take new Board members numbers of months to begin to grasp the extent of the role and the issues and planning that the Board engages in.  There are 5 parent-elected reps on the Board.  The Proprietor is entitled to have up to one less than the number of parent-elected reps as appointments with an open-ended term to the Board.  Our Proprietor currently has two reps on the Board.

The new Board is:

Zhu Hui Lam (parent-elected rep, elected to return for another term)

Winnie Chen (parent-elected rep, new to the Board)

Dana Paton (parent-elected rep, new to the Board)

Matthew Pratt  (parent-elected rep, halfway through his three-year term)

Catherine Moore  (parent-elected rep, halfway through her three-year term)

Chris Hannen (Proprietor rep appointed.  Chris is the CEO of our Proprietor)

Jenny Addison (Proprietor rep appointed)

Sharon Burt (Staff elected rep starting her three year term)

Mark Richardson (Principal)

Please uphold the work of the Board over the coming years as they seek to ensure our school remains faithful to the vision and mission that was set by the founding fathers, which was and is to bring glory to our God through doing what we do very, very well.  Results can be viewed HERE

COVID Mask Requirement Changes

You will be aware the COVID protection framework has now been removed.

Masks are now optional at ACS.

There is no requirement for anyone to wear a mask in the normal course of the day.

The school remains fully supportive of any pupil or adult who chooses to wear a mask at any given time.

The message we will be giving our pupils over time is to make well-considered choices as to when to wear a mask.  We know that well-ventilated spaces, outside spaces and indoors where people are well separated each present a much lower risk of catching COVID in its current form.  Smaller rooms with no ventilation or larger indoor spaces with a lot of people and limited ventilation present bigger risks.  We are now encouraging our pupils and staff to consider each situation they enter and to make their own choice as to whether a mask may be wise.

The messages remain the same, however:

If your child is not well or has any symptoms – keep them at home.

Hand washing and sanitising regularly is important.

Coughing and sneezing into the elbow helps keep everyone well.

Isolation Periods – it’s changed:

As from today,

Only someone who has COVID (tested positive) must isolate for 7 days.

Household contacts of a COVID positive person do not need to isolate but must RAT test every day for 5 days and stay home if they have any symptoms.  If the RAT is negative and there are no symptoms household contacts can carry on normal life – they are welcome at school!


Once again I am grateful for the way in which our school community has responded to the challenges of the last two years.  Thank you!

Grace and peace

Mark Richardson